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When: Sunday, October 20
Where: WMC Fellowship Hall 
Time: 6:00p
What’s your favorite kind of popcorn? Carmel? Chocolate drizzled over the top? Kettle corn? Or maybe fruity pebble popcorn? Bring your favorite kind of popcorn and watch the popcorn buffet pop into a variety flavors!
It’s fun and fellowship for the whole family and a snack that’s irresistible for both adults and kids! Let’s grow in our connection with Christ and one another.
You are welcome!
Register today! (Must be registered by Oct. 13) Cost is $25 per lady. Click the “registration form” link for a registration form or find one at the Welcome Center. Contact Tonya Claycomb for more information 260-251-2542.
When: Saturday, November 2
Where: West Missionary  
Time: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Tired from the demands of your schedule? Do you find yourself running on empty? Maybe you feel like you forfeit your best self and shortchange those around you? Join with other ladies to hear Brenda Jank’s story of restoration and how she found strength from heat of her trials.

This one-day retreat is a game-changer, designed to equip women of all ages to navigate 24/7 with courage, strength, and joy. Discover the fulfillment of self-feeding on the Word of God instead of being spoon fed.
Sadly this will be the last year for the acorn style banks, as they will not be made anymore. You won’t want to miss this! Join in on the fun and a lesson of giving!
When: Sunday, November 10
Where: West Missionary Sanctuary 
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM
Each year the children of West Missionary Church, of all ages, fill plastic banks that are shaped as acorns. As they put their money in the slot of the bank, they begin to develop a heart of giving. All of their money goes towards the needs of the children of our missionary parents that we support. On the night of the program, the kids reflect and remember these families. To sum up the evening, the kids get to smash open the acorn bank that they had carefully filled. Excitement builds with each swing of the hammer!
We welcome you to join us for this smashing event! You can pick up an acorn bank that is located in easy-to-see and various spots around the church – windowsills, coat racks, children’s center, etc. Write your child’s name on the bottom of the filled acorn bank and bring it the night of the program to be broken open!
We want to see your family! Take a picture with your shoebox and tag it to our West Missionary Church Facebook page!
When: Now – Nov. 17
Where: West Missionary
The gift of giving is an essential action for children and adults. Jesus gave us the ultimate gift – He was our sacrificial lamb. May we take this opportunity to give a child overseas a Christmas gift this season. May they feel loved, feel excited, and see Jesus through this small but powerful action. 
Pick up your shoebox in either foyer today! Instructions are inside the box. The boxes can be returned to the same table that you picked them up at. There is an option to pay and track it online, or you can pay cash for the shipping by filling out the form.