To the WMC Family:                                                                                                  


Due to directives from the President of the United States, the Center for Disease Control and local officials, West Missionary Church will not meet together for worship on March 22 or March 29.  Instead, we encourage you to go to the main page of our website (westmissionarychurch.com), or our Facebook page, at 10:00 am or later, on Sunday morning to join our online worship service. 

 Some have asked about tithes and offerings when we are unable to meet together.  Due to the fact that bills continue to arrive daily, we would ask that you send your checks to the church, 4295 State Road 218 W, Berne, IN  46711, or drop them off at the church office.

 In times like these, we often find ourselves to be frustrated and fearful.  It seems like we are powerless to stop this virus and all of its peripheral effects.  In reality, though we may be unable to impact this situation in our human strength, we now have the opportunity to call upon an Almighty God to seek His help in our time of need.   Hebrews 4:16 invites us to come before the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.  I am calling upon the WMC Family to mobilize in prayer.  We cannot get together in a large group to pray, but we can agree to pray together at the same time from different locations.  I would ask that the WMC Family would pray at 7:07 AM or 7:07 PM or both, throughout this crisis.  Parents, be sure to include your children in these prayer times.  Pray for:

  • Protection from the COVID-19 coronavirus
  • Healing for those who are sick
  • Those whose work and income are adversely affected
  • Healthcare professionals and first responders
  • Public health officials
  • Students who cannot attend classes
  • Residents quarantined in nursing homes and hospitals and their families
  • National leaders who are making decisions which affect us all
  • Those experiencing panic attacks and emotional trauma
  • WMC and its leaders

 May we shine like stars in the current darkness.  May the peace of God guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus!  (see Philippians 4:4-6)

 -Pastor Keith J. Rupp