What Do You Thank God For?

Let’s Give Thanks to the Lord Together!

Even when it may be difficult to find ways to be thankful in hard and uncertain times, may we remember to continue to glorify God. May He encourage you and bless you when you choose to see His goodness.

Please comment below to share what you are thankful for! Feel free to reply to other people’s verses too.

10 Responses to “What Do You Thank God For?”

  1. Judy Lipina says:

    I thank God for answering prayer,

  2. Josh Maller says:

    I thank God for being faithful in any situation. Even in this unprecedented time, we can still meet and interact virtually as a youth group. God will always provide a way for us to draw near to him!

  3. Keith Rupp says:

    I thank God for this beautiful day!

  4. Sarah Sprunger says:

    I am thankful that I am am good health. Thankful that I have been able to work through a of this. Thankful for God’s family. I day he will return for his children. Remember through Jesus we can and will get through this Phil.4:13 & Isaiah 40:10.

  5. Kathy sprunger says:

    I am thankful for every day that I can wake up and be healthy. Also thankful for my church family and my friends all my family and grandkids. Just thankful that the coronavirus is slowing down and praying that we can all be together soon. God blessEach one of you and stay safe

  6. Kristi Cressman says:

    I thank God for keeping His promises and am grateful that He will be returning some day!

  7. Linda Mann says:

    I thank God for His patience and his unfailing love!

  8. Keith Rupp says:

    I thank God for the WMC family!

  9. Karen Hart says:

    I thank my God that He gives strength thru every trial.
    His promise that He never leaves or forsakes whispers to me thru difficult days! Thank you Lord!

  10. Keith Rupp says:

    I thank God for His mercy and grace!

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